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How Kärcher Can Solve Your Specific Cleaning Needs

Kärcher, the world’s largest manufacturer of pressure washers, has engineered a line of commercial-duty hot and cold water pressure washers that are so versatile that they are used in an extremely wide range of industries to clean everything from vehicles and walkways to kitchens and corrals.

Here are some of the more popular uses of Kärcher’s popular and innovative pressure washers:

  • Kärcher hot water pressure washers, with water spray of up to 200°F (a 140° temperature rise over inlet water), are ideal for the agri-business and livestock management industries because they both wash and sanitize.

  • Kärcher pressure washers deliver the high volume along with the high pressure needed to meet the heavy demands of the construction and heavy equipment industries.

  • Kärcher is well known among professional, contract cleaners because it is the only brand that offers both the fuel savings of European technology and the ruggedness of North America designs.

  • Kärcher pressure washers and floor care equipment are perfect for use in the food service and manufacturing industries because of their broad selection of models that are ideally suited to meet the unique demands of these industries.

  • Kärcher Commercial’s ruggedly built and feature rich electric hot-water pressure washers are ideal for industrial and manufacturing operations where hot water, high-pressure chemical application and the availability of steam are a must.

  • Kärcher pressure washers deliver both the high-pressure spray and water temperatures needed for the trucking and transportation industries where oil, grease and dirt are so prevalent.